Mould Elimination & Mitigation in Huntsville, ON

Mould should always be handled by a professional because of how it can affect your well-being and the way it wrecks your home. Restoration 1 is ready to help out the Huntsville, ON, region and remove mould from your residence. Our staff of experts has the experience and skills to locate, inspect and identify the type of mould that’s thriving in your space. Then our specialists can alleviate the damages and remove the spores by using the proper techniques. Restoration 1 is committed to making your house safe again. If you’ve noticed any mould producing in your residence, or you think it’s present, call our knowledgeable staff so that we can assist.

Dark areas and no ventilation is where mould flourishes. It has a tendency to grow and thrive without your knowledge, and any kind of water damage can cause mould growth too. When this happens, you need to get a technician who specializes in mould mitigation services in order to make your residence safe. It’s fundamental to get this taken care of before it causes more problems down the road.


Identifying the location of mould is an important, first step in eradication.


Determining the type of mould will help our trained technicians to know how best to treat it.


Eliminating the mould and correctly cleaning the area will make your home safe.


Restoring your house to a safe safe condition is our main objective.

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Licensed Mould Specialists with Restoration 1

If you believe there’s mould development in your home, don’t hesitate. If neglected, mould could spread throughout your house and produce serious problems. As Huntsville‘s premier renovation organization, we offer high-quality mould removal. With superior expertise, you can count on Restoration 1 for our outstanding mould removal services in Huntsville, ON.

We specialize in fixing property damages such as mould growth. Although mould and other microbial toxins are extremely unhealthy, it can be hard to diagnose since many of the symptoms of mould exposure mimic those of the common cold or flu. Exposure to mould includes symptoms such as breathing issues, allergic reactions, fungal infections, mycotoxin toxicity, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and other potentially dangerous health conditions. These are notably dangerous to sensitive individuals such as seniors, kids and anyone with lung complications. The highly trained specialists from Restoration 1 can completely remove the contaminated areas of your home and fix the damaged space.

Restoration 1 is available to help houses remove mould from their interiors and exteriors in Huntsville, ON. Our dependable contractors are trained and qualified to eradicate even the toughest, most toxic strains in the region. We work deliberately to dispose of all mould while following provincial regulations.

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