Immediate Response for Water Damage Mitigation Services in Owen Sound, ON

Water damage mitigation from overflown sinks or busted pipes is what Restoration 1 is about.

Restoration 1 uses the most advanced tools for our damage mitigation services. For your residential property in Owen Sound, ON, our expert contractors can fix your damaged space promptly. This consists of extracting the water and any left over moisture that is in the area then drying it out entirely. Every staff member from Restoration 1 is a knowledgeable expert and they have the experience necessary for fixing your property to a safe living space. Furthermore, our immediate response can decrease loss and stop further damages from happening.

Wreckage caused by water is a frequent type of property damage and it’s a huge contributor to property loss in Owen Sound, ON. The reason why is the aftermath can escalate. When water damage isn’t handled quickly, dangerous bacteria and mould can cultivate in your home. This will generate further wreckage to your property, and if it’s broad enough, it could impact the whole property.

There are a variety of sources that can cause water damage, and depending on where it came from, there will be certain techniques applied when repairing your wrecked space. The expert technicians from Restoration 1 understand what it takes to fix every type of water damage. They’ll identify the category your damage falls under and which procedures and tools will be best for the project.


We remove still water in your residence with our specialized equipment and pumps. Once all the water has been cleared out, drying the space can begin. This way we can get your house ready for water damage repair and get it back to its original state.


Amid this process, any carpets and padding are lifted off the floor for thorough drying. Our professionals do the job with powerful dehumidifiers and equipment to dry all surfaces. We need to ensure all floors are completely dried for the next process.


If at all possible, your household goods will be brought back to their pre-damaged state. Then our damage specialists will repair any damages that were imposed on your home's structure.

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Water Damage Categories

When your residence sustains damage from water supply lines (such as appliances, water heaters, faucets, pipes, etc.) this falls under Category 1. Category 1 refers to clean water because the source isn't a hazard when it comes in contact. With this kind of discharge, the team at Restoration 1 will be able to restore most, if not all, of your floors, walls or other household goods that got wet if we're contacted immediately.

Water damage known as Category 2 that has biological, chemical and physical pollutants that are harmful to humans, and this can lead to major wreckage on your property. This can come from toilet bowls with waste in them, water discharge from appliances, sump pump failures and any other water that runs through a sanitation system. Spaces that have been infected from this category of water will have to be extracted immediately in order to prevent mould growth.

Black water, or Category 3, refers to water that is very unclean and contains hazardous bacteria and fungi. This is usually caused by sewage back up from sinks, toilets and tubs/showers. Other originators include rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water or water from Category 2 that was not removed and has been in place for 2-3 days. Water damage repair for Category 3 demands special tools and tried-and-true techniques to eradicate. With black water, a mould removal service is necessary to ensure that any mould won't spread.

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