Quick Water Damage Remediation Services in Penetanguishene, ON

Taking care of water damage from your residence is fundamental for safe conditions.

Whether you’ve sustained an overflown sink or tub or any kind of flooding on your property, Restoration 1 is here to help in the Penetanguishene, ON, region. We offer a quick response service for property owners to lessen the damages in your residence. Our damage specialists have the expertise needed to clean up water and any moisture that’s trapped in the area at a quick pace. It’s crucial to get rid all moisture because it can generate mould growth if your water damage isn’t completely taken care of. Reach out to our dependable team to ensure your house is safe again.

Water damage is a prevalent form of property damage in Penetanguishene, ON. It can originate from several things, not just destructive scenarios like a flooding. Water damage can derive from something as simple as an appliance malfunction or a dripping pipe. If the problem isn’t addressed in the beginning, it can lead to more damages to your residence. Along with the inside conditions of your house, water can lead to the growth of hazardous bacteria, which has a tendency to spread easily.

This is why you should get a damage specialists over to take care of your water damages. There are three classifications that water damage falls under, and we know how to mitigate and remove all of them. Restoration 1 damage specialists use industry-grade tools and know the best methods to eliminate the problem.


We eliminate all standing water in your house with our specialized equipment and pumps. Once pooled water has been cleared out, drying the space can begin. This way we can prepare your residence for water damage repair and get it back to its original condition.


Amid this action, any carpets and padding are lifted from the ground to dry the area completely. Our professionals utilized powerful dehumidifiers and equipment to remove moisture from all surfaces. We need to ensure floors are completely dried for the next step.


If likely, your household goods will be restored to their pre-damaged condition. Next, our damage specialists will repair any damages that were imposed on your property's structure.

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Water Damage Categories

When your property sustains damage from supply lines (like appliances, water heaters, faucets, pipes, etc.) this falls under Category 1. Category 1 refers to clean water because the source isn't a hazard if it comes in contact. With this type of discharge, the professionals at Restoration 1 will be able to restore most, if not all, of your flooring, walls or other household goods that got wet if we're contacted at once.

Water damage under Category 2 that contains biological, chemical and physical contaminants that are dangerous to humans, and this can bring about extensive wreckage on your property. This can come from toilets with wastewater, water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines, sump pump malfunctions and any other water that runs through a sanitation system. Areas that have been contaminated from this kind of water damage will need to be extracted immediately in order to stop mould growth.

Category 3 damage is extremely contaminated and is a hazard. This is called black water and it contains dangerous bacteria and fungi. Category 3 is typically derived from sewage backups, but could also be the result of ground surface water flooding your property or even from Category 2 water that's been sitting for 48-72 hours. This type of wreckage requires special treatment from our professionals who have the necessary equipment and know the best methods to clean up the contamination.

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